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Bushido, Druidry and Writing

The Medicine Seller
5 July
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I'm a twenty year old Englishman with a hankering for good literature, beautifully drawn manga, and exotic-tasting crisps (Walkers Sensations, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar kettle chips). I listen to a wide variety of music, usually heavy and alternative metal with a splash of J-Pop, Rn'B, rap, classical music, blues, and reggaeton. I have quirky taste in films ranging from the intelligently comedic to the mythologically driven but gory to documentaries (e.g. Life in the Undergrowth). I am a Druid, which is a type of neopagan, and my patron Gods are Manannan, Taranis, and the Morrigan. I am, however, a lazy priest. I write novels, or try to, some poetry, and like to critique bad writing.